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You are addicted to Music in the same way as we are?  You are searching Sponsors for your next LAN Party or any kind of Event?

Divoom provides support primarily with promotional materials such as stickers, posters, case badges, t-shirts and hardware.  We take great pride in all our sponsorships, no matter the size, and actively sponsor hundreds of communities, teams, events and tournaments around the globe, as well as shoutcasters, editors, video game shows, online channels and much more.

Please send us an email and describe why we actually should be your Sponsor:

SEND AN EMAIL to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Administrators Name (please provide only a single contact)
  • Administrators Contact Information (phone, email, and mailing address)
  • Name, Date, and Location of Event
  • Event Website
  • Number of Attendees at last event & expected attendance at upcoming event
  • History of the organization

Current Sponsorships:

Coming soon……..

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