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Divoom Europe

From day one, DIVOOM has been focused on making great audio products which excels in aesthetic design and audio performance to music lover.

The Divoom Europe GmbH opened its headquarter in 2012 in Duisburg, Germany.  Now we are selling in more than 40 countries worldwide, in North America, Europe,providing an integrated portfolio of products designed specifically for our customers.

While we are proud of our technology and product innovation, we are even more excited about how these products are developed to be meet the true need of music lover. Should the speaker always be in humdrum square box? Should the small speakers always have the poor sound? We are making the differences to reshape the people’s idea about speaker, cause we believe that the design of a product needs to fit in any home enviroment.

At divoom, we hire free-mind designers who almost want to turn all beautiful stuffs to be speakers, we never limit their mind but to encourage them to realize their dream about true design, Divoom is making the speaker unit more stylish in your bag, at your home, speaker now is more than a sound playback machine, but a decoration of your beautiful home. Simply put, we go that extra mile to produce speakers that exceed expectations. Our aim is to produce a product that crosses over from being a humble piece of electronics to something that enriches your day to day life.

Divoom also have a strong R&D team which never say “ We can’t do it!”, to improve just a small feeling of better bass, our team will adjust the speaker unit, the amplifier design again and again, they are making the stylish speaker as good as the traditional speaker, but smaller. They are breaking through the technology block by true hard-working, but not just find excuses why sound can’t be better.

At divoom, we are making the small things but with a big dream, we will work hard to achieve it.


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