Rugged design, splash resistant, and built for outdoors
Hands-free calling with built-in microphone
Connection via Bluetooth or cable
4 Watts Speaker Power
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The Voombox Travel is a 3-inch disc that will
fit in the palm of your hand. A 2-inch active
driver and 2-inch passive radiator take up a
good chunk of that small space, with the rest
reserved for the speaker’s amplifier and Bluetooth 4.0 chip.
For easy carriage, the design of the Voombox-Travel features a built in loop that is both easy to grip and doubles as a connection point for the included carabiner. This speaker isn’t just for the outside either. It features a built-in mic for full speakerphone capabilities. The unit is recharged by USB and has a lithium ion battery that lasts up to 6 hours.
The Voombox Travel has a rugged exterior said to resist water and dust, making it suitable for all sorts of outdoor adventures. And because its so light, it won’t weigh down your pack. Built for the outdoors, the Divoom Voombox-Travel can endure camping, fishing, backpacking and nearly any other activity thrown its way. The weatherproof speaker is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and connects to smartphones, tablets or any other Bluetooth device up to 10 meters. To ensure the ultimate in sound quality, the Divoom Voombox -Travel features a 2” driver and a 2” passive radiator for impressive bass for its size. In addition, a built-in microphone lets users make and receive calls wirelessly on their own or in a group. The Voombox-Travel’s round aesthetic design featuring four colors (red, blue, black and green) means the speaker looks great inside as well as outdoors.

•    • Palm-size and durable design make it easy to take almost anywhere
•    • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery and USB charging cable
•    • Bluetooth V4.0 ensures high quality audio and range of up to 10 meters
•    • Hands-free calling with built-in microphone
•    • Included metal carabiner design lets you clip it on to your belt, jeans or backpack
•       A passive radiator generates impressive bass for its size
•       Rugged design, splash resistant, and built for the outdoors
•      2full rang x 2passive radiator
•     Built-in Li-ion battery provides up to 6-hours of playback time
•    Dimensions: 45R x 45H mm
•    Available in blue, red, green or black

A portable rugged Design sound system
The Voombox-Travel can turn almost any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or notebook into a powerful portable Stereo sound system. Connect the speakers quickly and easily with your smartphone, tablet PC or laptop and enjoy high quality sound wirelessly.
Wireless playback provides music and movies in high fidelity. Its compact form factor makes the Voombox-Travel your perfect companion both at home and on the road. The Portable rugged design lets you enjoy your music anytime anywhere. The 2 driver and a 2 passive radiator produce impressive bass for its size

Built-in microphone for hands-free calls
The Voombox-Travel comes along with a integrated microphone, making it possible to receive incoming phone calls and talk wirelessly by pressing the button above of the speaker.

Full control of your music directly on the device
The Voombox Travel lets you control any incoming phone call or your music directly on the device.  Volume +/- , Skip or return to the next music track,  receive phone calls

You can connect the Voombox-Travel to almost any smartphone, tablet or notebook using the built-in Bluetooth functionality. An additional traditional AUX port allows connecting any MP3 player or any other music device that does not have Bluetooth to the device
Powerful and clear Sound & Long term battery life
This 2-way sound system produces 4  Watts of crystal-clear quality sound you would only expect from a much larger loudspeaker system. With its built-in subwoofer and a digital amplifier, this rugged system boasts versatile performance – be it through its thumping bass or soft tunes. It Works with Any Compatible Stereo Bluetooth Device from a range of up to 10 meters

Music to go & Spash Resistant
Enjoy your music anywhere and share them with friends. Your perfect companion for travel, parties, or any outside activity. Splash resistant design makes it usable in any environment, no matter if indoor or outdoor

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Packing Voombox Travel:






Productvideo Voombox Travel:

Divoom Voombox Travel
Bluetooth compliant:
Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth Version:
A2DP Stereo
Total Output Power
4 Watts
Signal/ Noise Ratio:
Distortion / Noise
Microphone sensivity
Driver Unit
2"full rang x 2"passive radiator
Audio input
3.5 mm stereo jack to Micro USB
Playback time
up to 6 hours
Charging time
2-2.5 hours
Battery charging voltage
3.7 V
Battery capacity
500 mAh
ipX 4 Splash resistent
45R x 45H (mm)
Product weight
500 gramm
Operating range
Up to 10 Meter
Frquency Response
100Hz – 20kHz
Package contains
Voombox Travel +Manual+ USB charging cable + Audiocable + metal carabiner
Reseller Infos
VoomBox Travel – black: EAN 6958444601175 - Artikel Code: 90100057001 // VoomBox Travel – green: EAN 6958444601199 - Artikel Code: 90100057003 // VoomBox Travel – red: EAN 6958444601205- Artikel Code: 90100057004 // VoomBox Travel – blue: EAN 6958444601182 - Artikel Code: 90100057002
32 pcs per carton, 17,2 kg





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