Divoom reveals ONBEAT-X1 Bluetooth gaming speaker with Vibration Bass

If youre just not feeling the game on your smartphone, Divoom has something that can help. The ONBEAT-X1 Ultimate Bluetooth gaming speaker sticks to the underside of your device, shaking and vibrating to explosive onscreen action. The Divoom Onbeat-X1 speaker is equipped with a vibration bass which has been designed to reacts to smartphone gaming, shaking and vibrating the devices to provide players with feedback. Divoom Onbeat-X1 Bluetooth speaker is fitted with suction cups that allow it to be attached to the back of your smartphone or any other place and is equipped with a battery that is capable of providing 8 hours of enjoyment on a single charge.
The Divoom Onbeat-X1 Bluetooth speaker works with all Bluetooth support devices and can be attached to non-Bluetooth devices using the included 3.5mm audio cable , and port on the device. Three suction cups secure the palm-sized gaming sound system to the rear of a smartphone, media player or tablet. The 115 x 53 x 85-mm (4.5 x 2 x 3.3-inch) ONBEAT-X1 pairs with the device via Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR, with A2DP support for high quality stereo audio streaming. The compact speaker throws out 4 W from its 45-mm micro drivers (which have a frequency response of 80 Hz 20 kHz). The Vibration Bass technology reacts to onscreen gaming action for a more immersive experience. The device is eqipped with our  Passive Oscillation or PO-Bass low frequency enhancement technology.The Divoom Onbeat-X1 Bluetooth speaker is now available to pre-order for 35 € from Amazon and others retailers.

More Infos on our product page: http://divoom-europe.com/?page_id=602

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